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• Security System Development

Tri-Guard Risk Solutions (TGRS) has proven experience with implementing and integrating a comprehensive strategy for managing risk for all stages of the Security System Development LifeCycle (SecDLC) as well as information technology assets within the SecDLC. Let TGRS help your organization move forward with security build in.  TGRS can perform a gap analysis to identify your current and future needs.

Software Assurance Development

Tri-Guard Risk Solutions (TGRS) can help build security into your current software development efforts.  TGRS has worked with major companies and government agencies in order to build software assurance programs.  No matter where your company is in the Software Development LifeCycle (SwDLC), TGRS can help.  Let our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) assist your organization’s Software programs with build in security.

Secure Mobile Applications Vetting and Integration

Tri-Guard Risk Solutions (TGRS) has expertise to help build a better more secure mobile application.  Our SMEs can assist with third party vetting of your organization’s mobile applications.  Contact TGRS for assistance with vetting mobile applications and integrating them securely in your environment.

Secure Coding and Design

Tri-Guard Risk Solutions (TGRS) proven methodology with integrating security into coding is well recognized in the SWA community.  Let TGRS help facilitate secure coding in your organization’s environment.   TGRS’ methodology goes beyond implementation of static analysis and dynamic analysis tools.  TGRS can customize a secure solution for your organization needs and regulations.

Certification and Accreditation

Tri-Guard Risk Solutions (TGRS) has vast experience with C&A.  The TGRS difference is our patent pending process that includes RISK and Software Assurance. TGRS can help with PO&AM and risk analysis as well as C&A. Contact us for more details.

Security Consulting

Tri-Guard Risk Solutions (TGRS) wants to help your organization meet its security needs. Like our motto states, “integrating security, software, and systems risk for comprehensive results,” TGRS brings tri-factor for solution based results. Here at TGRS, we go beyond conventional methods to satisfy our customer needs. TGRS consulting services are uniquely customized for comprehensive results.

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